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We combine the disciplines of strategy, organisation, leadership and finance into an integrated approach to help our clients grow the long-term value of their companies

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About Capital Ventures Inc.

Capital Ventures revolutionizes investment models and technologies in the United Arab Emirates!

Capital Ventures creates a revolutionary business model according to which any Investor from all over the world safely, transparently and profitably invest in advanced technology companies in Dubai and in the United Arab Emirates. Capital Ventures investment company operates in the UAE with the support of the already established company in the Dubai market — the independent and professional Audit company CAPEX (https://capexme.com/ ) Established in 2012.

The essence of our proposal is to create a unique synergistic model between investments and the subsequent professional distribution of investors’ money for investments of various proven and already established companies in Dubai and throughout the UAE.

At the same time, we provide all the necessary documents, and all accounting is transparent to the Investor, as We have 10 years of experience and own the CAPEX accounting company in Dubai.

Thus, we guarantee and in our interests to generate cash flows for our Investor Partners!

The portfolio of our investment group already includes such companies as:

Auditing company in Dubai
Investing Group
Solo Inn Hotel and Restaurant
Jade Munnar, a Bed and Breakfast
Store of fresh juice
Professional Web Solutions

(Established in 2012)
(Established in 2019)
(Established in 2011)
(Established in 2012)
(Established in 2015)
(Established in 2011)

Dubai, UAE
Dubai, UAE
Kerala, India
Jade Munnar, India
Kerala, India
Moscow, Russia

New Special Offers, Investment Opportunities in Dubai:

Project Grooming
Project Build

(Established in 2001)
(Established in 2001)

Dubai, UAE
Dubai, UAE

Debt Advisory

Mergers & Acquisitions and Equity Advisory

Emerging Market Advisory Services

Global Expansion

Capital Ventures begins global expansion with Dubai and UAE

At the moment, we are focusing on business development precisely in Dubai on the eve of EXPO 2020 and the most actively developing country in the world! Only EXPO 2020 plans to visit more than 25,000,000 people this year!

We have more than 200 local partner clients with a ready-made and working business. Accordingly, our 10 years of experience allows you to advise you on all sectors and specialties in the UAE.

What we offer is a turnkey solution! These are ready-made, working businesses, with a clear system and business model, which already bring stable profits. Our task for attracting money from Investors is to scale promising companies, which we are already doing with certain success and pleasure.

Since we have our own audit company (the company has only 30+ employees in Dubai https://capexme.com/photo-gallery/ ), we provide at all stages of cooperation transparent reporting on each investment of your capital.


Our vision and mission

Our vision and mission is

Our vision and mission is to become the most powerful, honest, transparent investment group for profitable investments for our Customers Investors in the latest technology companies in all sectors in Dubai and throughout the United Arab Emirates!

Our innovative new model is aimed at ensuring that Investors receive HIGH RETURNS (IRR), WITHIN A SHORT TIME, AT A LOW RISK!

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We combine the disciplines of strategy, organisation, leadership and finance into an integrated approach to help our clients grow the long-term value of their companies

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