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Capital Ventures

CAPITAL Ventures FZCO is a financial advisory & service provider firm based in Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA), Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The management of CAPITAL VENTURES FZCO have 15 plus years of experience in financial advisory and consultancy service in UAE & abroad and bring a wealth of knowledge in exceptional customer service and business acumen.

Since inception CAPITAL Ventures has grown into a well respected and reliable corporate service provider by working in hospitality, real estate, retail and banking sector.

If you are a corporate, please get in touch with us via the «Contact Us» page to discuss how we can add value to your portfolio.



ELECTRIC VEHICLE BATTERY – Our offer is production of low cost batteries for industrial demand. Establishment of a plant for the production of batteries for electric vehicles in the UAE.


CONSTRUCTION – Private Placement Equity Offering. The Owners’ of an 18 year old construction firm in is looking for Investors to buyout 100% Equity of the firm, valued at AED. Established in 2001. Dubai, UAE


RETAIL – Private Placement Equity Offering. The Promoters (GCC region) of a world renowned Men’s Grooming brand are looking for investors to fund their GCC expansion plan. Est. 2001. Dubai, UAE


Revolutionizes Investment Models and Technologies

We try to advise our clients as accurately as possible in which company to invest this year. Having already 10 years of our own experience of investing in various companies in Dubai, India, we can guarantee a positive result.

At the moment, we focus on the United Arab Emirates. We expect an increase in the influx of population for permanent residence, as in previous years + 10% of the total population of the UAE every year. Next year, for example, EXPO 2021 is planned to be visited by all the entrepreneurs of the world, about 25,000,000 people.

Capital Ventures specializes in developing and / or rapidly growing markets with offices in the UAE, MENA region, India, Russia, with 40 employees worldwide



  • Capital Ventures advises on how to invest in innovative technologies and startups in Dubai
  • Currently, the company focuses on: Renewable Energy, Construction and Retail
  • Invested in 5 companies since 2011
  • We create a diversified portfolio consisting of companies at different stages of fundraising
  • In the future we plan to expand Industries at Fintech, Cyber-Security, HR, Education and Media


Electric Vehicle Battery