Hospital Group in UAE

The Shareholders of a renowned Hospital Group in UAE is looking for potential Investors to buy the Hospital facility at Fair Market Value and leaseback to them at a fixed rate of return. The Group has more than 20 years of experience establishing and managing Hospitals in the UAE.

Details about Dubai:

Gross domestic product 482.6 billion USD

Life expectancy 80 years

EXPO 2021, Dubai

25,000,000 Coming population

World-class Infrastructure

Strategic Location

Cosmopolitan culture

Open and free system

Retail Invest in Dubai

Benefits of Investment and Business Development in the UAE Together with Capital Ventures:

1/ Potential market for more than a billion people

2/ Ideal location at the crossroads of European, Asian and African trade routes

3/ The protection of Investments and personal data is guaranteed by the state

4/ Free movement of capital

5/ Investment protection and double tax treaties with more than 50 countries

6/ No taxes for international activities

7/ A ready-made portfolio for Investments, developed over 10 years

8/ Transparency of Capital Ventures

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