Hospital Group in UAE

The Shareholders of a renowned Hospital Group in UAE is looking for potential Investors to buy the Hospital facility at Fair Market Value and leaseback to them at a fixed rate of return. The Group has more than 20 years of experience establishing and managing Hospitals in the UAE.

Details about Dubai:

Gross domestic product 482.6 billion USD

Life expectancy 80 years

EXPO 2021, Dubai

25,000,000 Coming population

World-class Infrastructure

Strategic Location

Cosmopolitan culture

Open and free system

Retail Invest in Dubai
Retail Invest in Dubai

Benefits of Investment and Business Development in the UAE Together with Capital Ventures:

1/ Potential market for more than a billion people

2/ Ideal location at the crossroads of European, Asian and African trade routes

3/ The protection of Investments and personal data is guaranteed by the state

4/ Free movement of capital

5/ Investment protection and double tax treaties with more than 50 countries

6/ No taxes for international activities

7/ A ready-made portfolio for Investments, developed over 10 years

8/ Transparency of Capital Ventures

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