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The technology that Capital Ventures uses: The mathematical model of an ideal portfolio by Harry Markowitz and William Sharp – Nobel Laureates in Economics

Distribution Investments in Existing Startups

  • 90% Technological
  • 80% Sports
  • 70% Gaming
  • 60% Educational
  • 50% Tourist
  • 40% Production
  • 30% Cryptocurrency

Available for investment

Auditing company in Dubai

Capex Auditing Company in Dubai. Established in 2012, CAPEX Auditing is a leading independent financial consultancy firm based in United Arab Emirates

Minimum investment amount: $500.000

Solo Inn Hotel and Restaurant – Located in Fort Kochi and with Kochi Biennale reachable within a 10-minute walk. Established in 2011. Kerala, India

Minimum investment amount: $200.000

Jade Munnar Bed and Breakfast

Jade Munnar offers three comfortable, private, upstairs bedrooms with dedicated bathrooms and private sit out areas. Established in 2012. Jade Munnar, India

Minimum investment amount: $200.000 – Store of fresh juice – We make juice from the fresh fruits that you pick up yourself from the fruit basket. Store of fresh juice. Established in 2015. Kerala, India

Minimum investment amount: $100.000

Project Build

CONSTRUCTION / Private Placement Equity Offering. The Owners’ of an 18 year old construction firm in is looking for Investors to buyout 100% Equity of the firm, valued at AED. Established in 2001. Dubai, UAE

Minimum investment amount: $25.000.000

Project Grooming

GROOMING / Private Placement Equity Offering. The Promoters (GCC region) of a world renowned Men’s Grooming brand are looking for investors to fund their GCC expansion plan. Est. 2001. Dubai, UAE

Minimum investment amount: $500.000

Professional Web Solutions

WEBPRODUCTION – Development of turnkey landings with mobile release. Production of adaptive slicing sell sites in 20 days with assured high conversion. Russia, Moscow

Minimum investment amount: $200.000



A service with which you can start investing in confident startups and have a steady income. We are an experienced team of startup market analysts, which is growing rapidly and rapidly covering most of the market in its segment. Having formed an investment portfolio in our company, you will be able to profit daily.


How it works?


Capital Ventures is a crowdfunding platform where ordinary people earn money on business investments. We select the most promising of thousands of Global companies. Investors check finances, get to know the owners, buy shares in projects or lend money. You can make a deal and follow the development of your business online.


Convenience And Manufacturability

You can make a deal online in 5 minutes. You can control the payment of interest or dividends in your account.

The best companies from different fields

A large number of companies from various fields turn to the site. We try to select only investment attractive ones and provide them to accredited investors for analysis and investment decisions.


You can earn up to 25% per annum under a loan agreement or purchase a share of a business, the value of which can grow 10 times in 2-3 years *

* the specified financial result is not guaranteed

Benefits of Investment and Business Development in the UAE Together with Capital Ventures:

1/ Potential market for more than a billion people

2/ Ideal location at the crossroads of European, Asian and African trade routes

3/ The protection of Investments and personal data is guaranteed by the state

4/ Free movement of capital

5/ Investment protection and double tax treaties with more than 50 countries

6/ No taxes for international activities

7/ A ready-made portfolio for Investments, developed over 10 years in conjunction with CAPEX (

8/ Transparency of Capital Ventures

Project Sustainability

  • 90% Revolutionizes Investment Models and Technologies
  • 80% Independent and Professional Audit Company
  • 70% Debt advisory, Mergers & Acquisitions and Equity advisory
  • 60% Emerging Market Advisory Services



Capital Ventures is your strategic partner and platform for the sale of businesses in the UAE, MENA region, India and Russia.

In the our Portfolio you can find ready-made, trusted, working Businesses and promising Startups.

Capital Ventures also provides cross-selling opportunities that lead to a significant increase in your Capital.

We are developing an understandable and unique Investment model: Synergetic distribution model + investments, which are of great value to Investors. We guarantee you — More reasonable investment process, higher IRR, lower risk.

We are located in an advanced country with fundamentally new sources of regular income from a number of advanced technologies with integration tools and exclusive rights in local markets.

We have offices in the UAE, MENA region, India, Russia, with 40 employees worldwide. The employees of our company speak more than 10 foreign languages of the world!

Let’s Invest with Us

We combine the disciplines of strategy, organisation, leadership and finance into an integrated approach to help our clients grow the long-term value of their companies