Capital Ventures

CAPITAL Ventures FZCO provides services for capital creation for corporates. It helps in obtaining debt financing by finding investors and financial institutions. It also provides advice and management services for financial transactions.

Other than financing options like lending, we also provide services for trusts and foundations. You can also seek advice on sustainable & philanthropy investment.


Capital Ventures achieves higher returns with less risk!

Most of our Deals

Most of our deals are made from the UAE / Dubai. At the moment, we have access to advanced technologies. A small community of businessmen, a strong affiliate network, ease of transaction. We select and cooperate only with the best.

The UAE creates Business

The UAE creates business conditions for businessmen that they cannot offer at home: the absence of taxes, the confidentiality of assets, a rapidly growing economy, a high level of development of the banking system, favorable market prospects, etc. The UAE’s economic policy is based on the openness of all sectors of the country’s economy to foreign investors, offering them the most comfortable conditions for doing business.

According to the World Bank

According to the World Bank and the Doing Business ranking, in 2018, the Emirates were recognized as the best economy among the Gulf countries for doing business: the UAE occupies the 1st place in the world in terms of the quality of the tax system and the ease of tax burden, 2nd place in the speed of obtaining building permits, when In this, the volume of foreign direct investment in the country in 2017 amounted to 11 billion dollars. The UAE is on the 5th line in the ranking on infrastructure development of the World Economic Forum. IMF experts note that the Emirates have overcome the dependence of the country’s economy on the oil and gas sector due to the successful implementation of the economic diversification program Vision 2021.


What we are trying to organize:

  • Short time to market
  • Help finding a shortage of labor
  • Relations with foreign markets and partners
  • Training and adaptation of staff
  • Creating a brand, website
  • Integrated Internet marketing
  • Professional web solution
  • Market positioning and PR
  • Economical allocation of funds
  • Competent reinvestment

The investment attractiveness of the region is complemented by the World Expo 2020, which will be held in Dubai and will attract a large number of tourists and representatives of the business environment from around the world. According to preliminary data, more than 25,000,000 people from all over the world.

In recent decades, there has been a construction boom in the Emirates, which impresses the entire world community with its scale.

Preparations for the World Expo 2020 exhibition give an additional impetus to commercial construction and lay the foundation for the further development of the country’s economy for many years. Business centers, offices, logistics facilities, shopping malls and production sites — all these are objects for a profitable investment in the rapidly developing economy of the UAE.

We help our Investors with the development of their startups — overcoming the sales barrier! Startups have 3-5 years to enter the world market, and we are ready to help you in the implementation of these projects.

Industries we can professionally advise you on

  • Activities related to the real estate market
  • Tourism
  • Construction market
    • building companies
    • building materials companies
    • building materials trading companies
    • architectural and design bureaus
    • engineering companies
  • Logistics industry
    • customs broker
  • Investment and financial sector
  • Financial services company
  • Payment service company
  • Production of goods
    • production of cosmetics and perfumes
    • production of household chemicals and household goods
    • production of pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products
    • production of textile products
  • Import to the UAE
  • Export of goods
  • Re-export (there is a preferential tax regime in the country that allows you to import and store goods without customs and tax burdens)
  • Service business
    • service companies
  • IT services
    • services in the field of business and consulting
    • educational services
    • advertising services
    • restaurant business