Professional Web Solutions, Dubai

WEB Production & PR

11 years of successful experience since the foundation of the company in 2009 in Moscow, Russia. Our services are sold in the UAE and around all the World.

  • Focus on global income
  • Future posibility only with Information Technology
  • Ticket size: $ 0.2-1M

The company carries out medium and large Internet projects, as well as Integrated Internet Marketing


Investment: $ 1,000,000

1-2 years success profit and subsequent possibility sale of the business for $ 10,000,000

Access to IPO, ICO

Open, clear and legal system relationship

Investments can be made in 3 rounds:

  • 1st   round $ 200,000 = 20%
  • 2nd round $ 300,000 = 30%
  • 3rd  round $ 500,000 = 50%

The main thing that needs money:

Rent office and Modern equipment

Telemarketing Department

Sales Department

Web Production Department

Mobile Development Department

Own Marketing


Launch of own online projects:

  • Market Places, E-commerce
  • Online Bank
  • App mobile for: Properties, HR, Hotels, Restaurants etc…
  • CRM, CMS online systems

Company Strengths and Knowledge

  • 90% Website Production
  • 80% Сomprehensive/Integrate Digital Marketing
  • 75% Сomprehensive/Integrate Digital Marketing
  • 70% Support Websites, Web Hosting
  • 60% Mobile App Production



1/ Telemarketing

2/ Meeting with Customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

3/ Identification of Customer needs

4/ Formation and Coordination of Offer with the Customer

5/ The conclusion of the contract of 6 months

6/ As the company develops and the staff of the Telemarketing Department expands in English, Arabic and Russian, calls will be made around the world.

7/ Configured an automated CRM system for customer management

8/ The company’s web services are provided worldwide remotely, using technologies such as Skype, WhatsApp, WhatsApp VPN

9/ Marketing services for companies participating in EXPO 2020 in Dubai and then in EXPO 2021 in Doha, Qatar




  • Creating a Landing Page
  • Creation and Support Of Online Stores
  • Creation and Development Of Youtube Channel
  • Contextual Advertising Google.Ads
  • Seo Promotion
  • Promotion on Social Networks Vk, Fb, Instagram, Tiktok
  • Management of Company’s Brand Reputation
  • Marketing in Whatsapp
  • Email Marketing
  • Creation of a Marketing Strategy
  • Integrated Internet Marketing
  • Promoting the whole World




  • Updating existing Internet sites using the new Landing Page + Mobile technology
  • Comprehensive Internet marketing company client
  • Creation of a unified IT ecosystem on the Internet, Hosting, E-mails
  • Improving the visibility of a company, hotel, restaurant on the Internet and all around the world
  • Customer Brand Promotion
  • Updating and improving the display on mobile phones, smartphones
  • Company visibility on the mobile web
  • Professional support for existing company sites
  • Sales Department Automation
  • Statistics for all indicators
  • Increase Online Sales




  • Creating New Landing Page
  • Support and Updating of the Company’s Website
  • Integrated Internet Marketing
  • Creating an Ecosystem of Online Resources and a Sales Funnel
  • Translation from English into Russian, Creating a Russian-Language Version of the Site
  • Creating Multilingual Versions of the Website
  • Filling Thematic Content in Anticipation Of Expo 2020
  • Creation of a Mobile Site
  • Create a Mobile Application
  • Determining the Value of Leads and Increasing Sales



Basically, these are LARGE Companies, Restaurants, Hotels that want to renew theirs to increase their market share and develop further around the world.

The Internet Website, Accounts on social networks are real tools that allow you to attract new Guests-Customers via the Internet in different seasons and in different locations of restaurants.

Also, these are any companies that want to be well represented on the Internet through all channels of the traffic source. It is important for them to stand out among competitors and they want to be on the Mobile Internet.

These are companies that will actively participate in various annual exhibitions in Dubai, such as GITEX and EXPO 2020.

It can also be Construction, Travel companies, for example from Russia, who want to open a sightseeing business in Dubai, etc…



The TELEMARKETING Sales Manager finds a new customer all over the World and makes an appointment or Video appointment.

A Technical Specialist is present at a meeting or Video meeting.

At the meeting, the need of the Customer is revealed. Then a commercial proposal is formed based on the results of negotiations.

The work is always carried out at 100% prepayment, sometimes the creation of the site is provided at a prepayment of 50%.

Promotion and advertising of the site is always paid 100% of customers. This allows the company to always have working capital.

These funds always allow you to pay Salaries to employees and Dividends to our Investors without delay.

Now our product looks like – Creation of an Integrated Internet Marketing System, with subsequent automation of sales via the Internet.

Setting up this system takes about 6 months.

Then the customer transfers to the subscription fee and concludes a contract of 12 months.

Website support is also calculated as standard hours or man hours




The price of execution of contracts is fixed at the time of their conclusion.

The contract is concluded for a minimum of 6 months. The average bill from 10,000 AED is 25,000 AED and above monthly. LTV customer = 6 months.

The main objective of the project is to reach the number of clients = +100 companies. 100 customers is income = 1,000,000 AED per month. Accordingly, Revenue = $ 273,000 per month / Revenue of $ 3,287,664 per year.

The market capacity allows, with a well-tuned sales department, in the future, in conjunction with Telemarketing, to find an additional 100 new customers in the UAE in 2 years to maintain. Further cover neighboring regions and countries, such as Saudi Arabia.


  • Hotels, Restaurants, Travel Agencies
  • Beauty Salons, Barbershop
  • Training centers
  • Dental and medical clinics
  • Construction companies
  • Online shops
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Real estate agency
  • Construction and development companies
  • Small shops in Dubai Mall, etc…


The main thing is the number of our own customer base and continuous interaction with customers through the Call Center and the Sales Department.

A timely report and 1 call per week to the Customer based on work experience can extend the life cycle of the Customer from 12 months and above.

USP and positioning of the company can be distinguished as – Russian-speaking programmers are the best in the World + American technology.

SEO technologists at the moment really in Russia are the most progressive in the world!

I myself have repeatedly been convinced of this by studying and comparing the SEO market in the USA



  • Telemarketing
  • Professional sales team
  • Clear positioning
  • Word of mouth
  • Promotion in social networks VK, FB, INSTA, TIKTOK, YOUTUBE
  • SEO promotion of your own projects
  • Visiting industry events EXPO 2020, GITEX, etc.
  • Continuous communication on the territory of Internet City Dubai Community
  • Participation and attendance of Internet events in the UAE
  • Google Maps, Yandex Maps
  • Calling potential customers (Worldwide, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Oman)







The main thing is to attract highly qualified sales managers.

Create a sustainable Sales Department. To establish a system of your own Internet marketing and the generation of Traffic and Leads.

Then create a stable web production. Organize favorable working conditions, configure the Business system so that the system scales independently.

Cover all UAE Restaurants, Companies and Hotels, then move on to development in neighboring regions and countries.

Further, a very interesting market for expansion is Saudi Arabia.


Almost none if the staff is fully staffed.

Those. programmers cope with the volume of services sold, and sales managers see transparent motivation and try to sell more and more!

Dubai is also constantly attracting new IT staff from around the world.

With proper management and systemic financing, there is a very high probability of creating a large, international IT company.




Cash to go to breakeven, about 1-2 years

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